I am Wasif

I make Great Websites for Brands

About Me

I passed Computer Science and Engineering from East West University. I have interest on several fields of computer science and I always want to utilize my problem solving skills. I am quick learner and always ready to adopt new technology in Computer Science field.

My Interest

Machine Learning

I have done some projects on Machine Learning as I have lots of interest in it. I did data cleaning, processing, applied machine learning algorithm and analyze the final result on several works.

Web Development

I develop websites in a responsive way according to clients requirements. I use Agile method for completing a full website. Generally I use PHP, Laravel for Back-end & HTML CSS for Front-end. Moreover WordPress is my Favorite.

Internet Of Things

IOT is another interesting field that I have worked. I use Arduino for coding and connect several devices and these can interact with others over the Internet.

Big Data

Big Data is the most attractive field thus it deals with data-sets that are too large or complex. I love to fit algorithm and analyze the information.

My Projects

Digital Web Logistics

Data Classification

Database Management System

Traffic & Pedestrian Control System

My Thesis

Feature Selection for Learning to rank using Simulated Annealing

I Worked With

Would you like to start a project with me?

I would love to work with you as a team. Eagerly waiting for your response.